Xhaust - World's best active sound
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New update sounds

QUATTROPORTE active sound

The Quattroporte exhaust note is deep and powerful, and has a unique harsh sound that sets it apart from other luxury sedans.


EMIRA active sound

At low speeds, the exhaust sound is soft and simple, and at high speeds, it becomes increasingly sharper depending on the number of revolutions.


TUNDRA active sound

The Tundra V8’s engine delivers ample torque even at lower RPMs,
resulting in a deep and robust sound at lower ranges and a vibrant and intense sound at higher revs.


911 GT3 active sound

Unbelievable exhaust sound for a 6 cylinder.
The pure, harmonious sound of the N/A Boxer delivers roaring treble.


SRT DEMON active sound

Do you remember the Dodge Challenger that Dominic rode in the movie Fast and Furious? The magnificent sound of the exhaust sound of an American muscle car is perfectly realized.


Latest news in the Xhaust

There is no special need for Just product management. However, in preparation for regular inspection, it is recommended to request installation in an easy way when installing the product. Or, if you choose to use the interior through the trunk installation, you can be free......

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Active Sound: A device that uses a speaker or other actuator to create a virtual exhaust sound. Generator: A device in the housing including a speaker that generates sound ( ≒ speaker ) POP: A sound called popcorn sound because it is similar to the......